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User Auction: Proceeds go to Town Fund: Port! End 25th. 

3 deviants said…
3 deviants said Check it out, see if you can help this member help you all!

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llimus 2 hours ago  Student General Artist
Selling Several Items:

:star: 1 Shiny Beldum - 5,000PD

:star: 2 Mega Stones - 3,000PD each
- Gardevoirite x1
- Absolite x1

:star-empty: Go to to offer, please. Leave a comment on the deviation.
dragoon4456555 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know if I accidentally sent my picture twice. I sent it once and accidentally closed the waiting for approval thing so I don't know if it deleted it so I sent another just in case.
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Contrast-Kitsune 1 day ago  Student General Artist
HEY GUYS so I'm doing a little thing to try and raise money for the town fund! We're just a little ways away from getting the Port opened up so lets try hard, okay?

So to do my part i will be selling my inventory.... and even a couple of pets. Let's get to it shall we?

here's how this is going to work: 

First of all this is a bidding. That means if you want the thing you'll have to outbid the other people who want it~ The price you see next to the items is a base price. The first bid on the item will need to be either the price displayed or more than it. Bids lower than the baseline price will not be considered.

 In order to place a bid please comment on this post with this formatting:

(item here)
Bid: (bid here)

If you do not use this formatting I WILL NOT RECORD YOUR BID. In addition to this if your bid is less than the last person to comment, i will not be able to record it. And keep in mind this is going towards the town fund And i won't be keeping any of the money. 

but enough talk! to the inventory!

Water Stone (500)
Mine booster (500)
2 Mystery potions (800)
2 Art boosters (1000)
Venasaurite (2000)
A Shiny Crystal Shard (3000)

Larvitar Egg (1000)
Male Spritzee (1000)
Shiny Male Surskit (4000)

Again, in order to place a bid please comment on this post!

The bidding will go until Friday, April 25th @ 11:59EST 
Any bids posted after the cutoff time will not be considered.

Good luck!
Lets try to get new things unlocked together~
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Dementiya Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist…

I know the group isn't open. But I was hoping for some critique perhaps?
Might anyone be able to inform me when they are opening up again?
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